A view from a roof in Port au Prince


Hey everyone this is Gretchen. I am over at Lisa's house right now and we are leaving today for the airport. I cannot tell you how excited I am to go back to Haiti. It has been over year since I have been there, but have not forgotten about the need Haiti has. I am excited to see the work God will do when we are there and what passions he will put in my heart.

Things you can pray about...
*That our travels will go as smooth as possible
*That our luggage will make it there
*The flights will be on time and we will not miss a connection (especially with Spirit)
*The transportation will be safe from the airport to Leogane
*That God will be with us and guide us in all the decisions we make
*Protection from infections and illnesses that the children might have
*Safe and clean place to stay
*Peace for our mom's

Thanks for your prayers and support. We will keep you updated on our adventures!


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