A view from a roof in Port au Prince



I'm stuck somewhere in shock or disbelief of the news of the 7.0 earthquake hitting Haiti. The epicenter is just a few miles from Leogane which is the location of the school, orphanage, Rigan and Even's house, and many other students from the nursing school.  Last night for the 6 hours after I heard the news until I went to sleep at night, I was frantically calling anyone and everyone I know in Haiti to hear word that they were alive and okay. I went to sleep hearing nothing. The communication lines are down there which makes phone calls impossible. Right now it sounds like satellite internet is the only means of communication and considering we're talking about Haiti here, guess what portion of the population has access to something like that.

Isn't this country devastated enough as it is? What will be the aftermath of this? I can't even imagine. All I could think about last night was trying to picture myself there. Pitch black, dust and rubble everywhere, people in the streets crying and running around trying to find their family or help for people injured, people trapped under buildings and waiting in despair for someone...anyone to come get them.... and when does this scene end? There are thousands upon thousands of people that will be affected by this tragedy. In fact, I imagine that the whole country will be. With Port-au-Prince, the capital in shambles, UN buildings down, the palace crushed, hospitals ruined, roads blocked  transportation will be close to impossible and food and other supplies from the capital will be near impossible to get.

I'm fasting and praying until I hear news from someone there is okay or until God tells me to stop. Last night all my dreams were about Haiti. I kept dreaming that I was talking to Rigan and he was telling me he was okay and things were normal like always, but every time I realized it was a dream, I shook myself from that scene and made myself think/dream about something else. I don't want false reassurances, I want the truth.

I'll update as soon as I hear anything from Haiti

Please pray

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