A view from a roof in Port au Prince


For anyone intersted in donating

 I am heading out to Haiti tomorrow morning! I don't have time to type up all the news, sorry :(   Many people have asked how they can donate. Here is a list I compiled. The items highlighted are most needed. 
Email Dan Sorenson of Waconia, MN for details of how to get us the donations. Thanks!
Supplies Needed:
- giant tents
- one family sized tent
- masks
- some way to purify water
- batteries
- pedialyte hydration strips ( at walgreens)
- tons of hand sanitizer
- bars of soap
- alcohol preps
- ace wraps
- ice packs
- needles/syringes to deliver vaccines
- penlights
-Stop watches
- Thermometers
- stethescopes
- blood pressure cuffs- adult and child
- notebooks and pens
- surgical pen
-drug guides
- washcloths
- plastic baggies
- q tips
- otoscope
-pulse oximeter
 -anti malaria
-  something for cholera
-tetnus vaccine
-polio. vaccine
- antibiotics- safe for children and adults, wide spectrum, UTIs
-pain medication acetaminophen/ibuprofen (child and adult)
- lidocaine
-first responder supplies
-basic surgical supplies- beta iodine, saw
- wound care: gauze, gloves, sterile glovestriple antibiotic cream, scissors, bandages, tape, wound cleanser, bandaids- butterfly and regular,
- cough syrup- childrens and adults
-cough drops
- claritin/benadryl
-ketaconazole, clomitrazole, miconazole - anti fungals
- hydrocortizone
- benadryl cream- itch relief
- UTI test strips
- scabies treatments
- anti-itch vaginal
- multivitamins

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